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New India Assurance Company Ltd hosted a broker’s meet

New India Assurance Company Ltd hosted a broker’s meet at Sheraton Oman Hotel, Muscat to announce a significant transition in the Company. The current COO Mr. V.V. Raghavan is returning to India on the completion of his tenure and new COO Mr. Gaurav Sharma has taken the charge. During the meeting Mr. V.V. Raghavan express his sincere gratitude to the broking fraternity for their wonderful support and he also expressed his best wishes to the new COO Mr. Gaurav Sharma and said that his youthfulness & knowledge will bring added vibrance to Oman operations.

In the get-together gathering Mr.Raghavan introduced the newly joined Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Gaurav Sharma to the stakeholders. Mr. Raghavan further briefed the overall experience and various milestones that Mr. Gaurav Shama has achieved during his service period with New India Assurance Company in India in various capacities. In additions to that he mentioned his knowledge and fresh perspective will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and success of New India Assurance in Oman.

The members from broking community also expressed their best wishes to outgoing COO Mr.Raghavan and welcome the new COO. Mr. Majid Abdul Rahim Jaffer, the Chairman of Chief Agent, Abdul Aziz & Brothers LLC and Majid Group Companies and senior officials of the company Mr. I. M. Jacob, Senior General Manager; Mr. R.T. Deva Rayalu, Deputy General Manager; Mr. Yesudas C, Deputy General Manager (Non-Motor claims ) thanked and conveyed their gratitude on the support and co- operation received from Mr. V.V. Raghavan during his tenure as Chief Operating Officer, New India Oman Operations. They extended their warmest welcome to the new COO, Mr. Gaurav Sharma and assured their full support and co-operation for accomplishing the objectives set out by him during his
service period.